A comparison of water brand ads

The difference between silver ions and silver particles boils down to the fact that silver ions combine with chloride ions to form silver chloride and silver particles do not.

Nevertheless, it has no mineral taste and no unpleasant saltiness. Toronto in particular has been getting a lot of negative publicity in the last few years due to the antiquated underground water works systems that distribute drinking as well as sewage water.

Silver ions do not absorb visible light and therefore appear as clear colorless liquids. The majority of plastic water bottles are packaged in polyethylene terephthalate, a thermoplastic polymer resin. Silver protein products generally have very large silver particles, so large that they would not remain suspended as colloidal particles without protein additives.

Another common trick is to display images made from a Transmission Electron Microscope TEM that they claim shows the small particles found in their products.

Sales of the leading bottled still water brands in the U.S. 2017

The ad specifically mentions that oasis water is meant for all age groups, which therefore gives us an emotional appeal. The dealers wanted to create an emotional appeal for Masafi in the various types of media. Effectiveness of a colloid is determined by the particle surface area making it the single most important metric for comparing colloids.

These characteristics were supported by marketers and advertisers trying to set up the image that bottled water is safer than its counterpart tap water. For the 52 weeks ending August 12,private labels of bottled still water in the United States generated about 2.

The one with the highest market share was found to be Masafi. Before it is bottled, it will be treated by distillation, reverse osmosis, filtration or ozonation.

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TechnoBabble, Misleading Language and Bogus Science The term colloidal means particles not ions, but producers of ionic silver products will try to convince the buyer that their product is a silver colloid. Ionic Silver Solutions The vast majority of products labeled and sold as colloidal silver fall into this category due to the low degree of manufacturing complexity and resulting low cost of production.

For these reasons the advertisement motivates the people to buy Masafi. According to the viewers this ad creates a rational appeal among the people because it gives them information about the product.

These images do not show the silver particles in their products. It mentions that the P. However, emerging contaminants are on the rise and governmental action generally leads to an increased cost of water treatment that is passed along to you.

Water Quality Most people assume that bottled water is the purist source of water they can get — at least purer than tap water that is. The common thread in most advertisements selling ionic silver products labeled as colloidal silver is to claim that ions are silver particles, or they try to blur the distinction by using the terms interchangeably.

List of True Colloidal Silver Products Click here for a partial list of true silver colloid products by brand name. The other issue of plastic water bottles is the presence of bisphenol A BPAa chemical element that is also used to make hard plastic toys, bottles and food containers.

This is mainly in the form of billboards. It seems that the facts and research behind both bottled water and tap water reveal some disappointing discoveries.

This sample was removed from further consideration and analysis.

Comparison of Water Brands Ads

Food for Thought It is of our opinion that tap water is the way to go but this recommendation comes with a major asterisk. As suspected, this fuzzy material fluoresced indicating the material was, indeed, live bacteria growing on the gelatin that had apparently been used to stabilize the colloidal silver suspension.

The heavy floods of that year resulted in the seepage of untreated sewage which made its way into Lake Ontario, a major source of drinking water for Torontonians. The Oasis ad is simple but different and attractive. Here is the quote from Professor Gibbs book concerning use of protein to stabilize colloidal silver: It portrays that these bottles each come handy during different times.

The ad also mentions and ensures complete physical and emotional well being. It also mentions that Masafi helps one perform its best both physically and mentally. Which Should I Pick. Today, San Pellegrino averages sales of over million dollars worldwide.

On interviewing the customers they mentioned that the ad created a positive emotional appeal. If the product is clear, then it is ionic silver, not a true silver colloid. The ad specifically mentions that oasis water is meant for all age groups, which therefore gives us an emotional appeal.

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Observe whether, as the salt dissolves, a white cloud of silver chloride forms in the solution. Tire Comparison Test: What Rubber Should You Choose? Thinking of upgrading your tires? We hit the test track to help rank the pros and cons of the major tire types.

Shop Top Brands from DICK'S Sporting Goods including Nike, The North Face, Under Armour & more. Browse all top brands for footwear, apparel and sports gear. The ad specifically mentions that oasis water is meant for all age groups, which therefore gives us an emotional appeal. It compels us to ‘Drink Oasis’ as mentioned in.

Aug 24,  · A few decades ago, there were only a small number of choices for bottled water, but consumers today find more than 3, brands in the marketplace. We've created this primer on some of the top brands of bottled water to take the guesswork out of your next trip down the grocery store aisle.

This table is presented in ascending order of particle surface area (column 2) to provide an easy means for direct comparison among the various properties associated with particle surface olivierlile.com from the product reports is compiled into a table so the reader can compare products based on.

Nestle Bottled Water oz Per Bottle, 24 Bottle Case (Brand Varies By Region).

A comparison of water brand ads
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