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When it comes to physical powers, Ursula possesses Superhuman Strength, though not as strong as Triton, yet strong enough to throw a mermaid towards a rock, as what she did to Ariel in the alternate ending of the movie.

Her speaking voice is provided by June Foray and her singing voice is provided by Marni Nixon. Grandmother Fa[ edit ] Grandmother Fa is Mulan's grandmother.

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Vanessa fights back in the original version, much like in the film, but quickly stops when she realizes she is blowing her cover as a sweet innocent girl. Her name was most likely intended as a nod to Barbara Edenwho played a genie in a bottle in the 60's sitcom I Dream of Jeannie.

During an ambush by the Huns, he and Mushu were nearly killed when the wagon that they're in catches fire and explodes and Cri-kee follows Mulan who has picked up Mushu while fleeing. The second film reveals that she's "smug and snooty," as accused by Ling, which causes her to throw a pot onto his head as she flings out the masculine trio.

Little Brother[ edit ] Little Brother is Mulan's pet dog. Mei is the middle daughter of the Emperor of China.

Sha-Ron[ edit ] Sha-Ron is a very excited little girl. The only reliable evidence is from the mysterious blind magician Phasir, who appears in few episodes of the series and who seems to have some history with Mirage, though it is not expanded on.

On a separate note, early storyboard concept art revealed that Vanessa and Eric would have originally been married at the castle instead of on a ship, with Ariel lurking above in observance. It is apparent in the episode "Destiny on Fire" that these powers come with a price, as throughout the episode, Aziz seems to have a short breath and eventually goes on fire.

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According to her second film, the only other child she likes is Sha-Ron a faux-Chinese version of the name Sharona little girl who wears a lavender outfit and ox-horns.

Both can only be purchased with real-world money. Ursula is only drawn with six tentacles, due to the studio's budget and difficulty in coordinating eight tentacles though she has eight limbs if you include her arms.

At first glance he seems like he only cares about the honor of the family and that he is quick to frustration with Mulan. He is the first person to bow to her, and even offers her a position on his council, but Mulan politely declines the offer by saying that she feels she should return to her family.

He is a small and ugly man, later turned to a goblin -like creature who can use his breath for almost anything, including attack, create illusions of entire deserts, or even turning people into small slug -like beings.

When Aladdin objects to stripping innocent citizens of all their money, Minos brings him in on their plan to steal the fabled Destiny Stone. He continues to have minions in the form of a gang of various thieves who do his bidding and he often buys magic items which he uses in his schemes.

Physical appearance Ursula is a plump light lavender-skinned, white-haired cecaelia and from the waist down has six black octopus-like tentacles with violet suckers. Her first appearance is in the episode "In the Heat of the Fright", in which she sends several cats of fire to terrorize and destroy a small farming village, a village that Aladdin happens to be passing by on his map-drawing trip downriver.

Aziz[ edit ] Aziz voiced by Michael Bell is one of Aladdin's first adversaries in the series. After Shan Yu is terminated, the emperor comes down the steps and, though he sternly reprimands Mulan for impersonating a soldier, he then thanks her for saving their beloved country.

Arbutus' only weakness is the rose on his lapel. When Li Shang shows up in the middle of a conversation between Fa Li and Grandmother Fa about Mulan's war exploits and that she should've brought a man home, Fa Li is left stunned. While he is stuck there, Aladdin and his friends battle Jafar and manage to destroy the lamp with Iago's help, thus destroying Jafar permanently.

In the second film, he becomes an enemy to Mushu when he tries to break up Shang and Mulan to keep his job.

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Sparking her ire by defeating her feline minions, she introduces herself to him with scornful interest and an echoing proclamation of "We are not finished. He then sadly declares "Does this mean I don't get my third wish. Despite this, he and Mushu help Mulan stop Shan Yu and save the Emperor, leading Mushu to deem him a lucky bug after all.

The story of the legendary outlaw is portrayed with the characters as humanoid animals. Disney’s Pop Century Resort in Walt Disney World, Florida was supposed to have 2 identical sections – The Classic Years () and The Legendary Years ( – ) however due to the September 11th attacks and subsequent slump in tourism, only the first half was finished and The Legendary Years building on the opposite side of the lake was left unfinished and abandoned.

Characters who are monsters, animals, mythological humanoids or other odd beings that are known in real-life myths and legends. Fa Mulan is a young girl who is willing to give up her life to save her father.

She enters the army as a man named olivierlile.com faces the worst enemy China's ever seen, the Hun leader Shan-Yu, who has an army willing to destroy anything in their path. Mel Birnkrant’s Legendary Collection of Vintage MICKEY MOUSE and Comic Character toys.

A Memoir of 20 years at COLORFORMS, OUTER SPACE MEN & BABY FACE. Characters created by The Walt Disney Company. Category:Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day characters.

Legendary disney characters
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